Wireless Internet for passengers announced by Nextira One

NextiraOne, Europe’s leading expert in communications services, has announced the implementation of a wireless
Internet network for passengers at Warsaw Chopin Airport. The Wi-Fi signals throughout the entire airport terminal have been available since mid-January providing access to the Internet for up to 1,000 people at any one time.

The Wi-Fi network was designed and built by NextiraOne experts and extends through Terminal A covering its public areas, the entire restricted area, plus the Executive Lounge, VIP sectors and the General Aviation Terminal.
The signal is transmitted by 54 wireless access points operating in 802.11 a/b/g/n standard and allows each user 30 minutes of free use of Internet at a maximum capacity of 1024 kb/s. After that time the user is unable to log back into the network, unless he/she uses the network in the Executive Lounge or VIP sector, where the access time is extended to four hours.

The network built by NextiraOne for Warsaw Chopin Airport is based on Cisco Systems technology and customised software written by NextiraOne experts specially for the Airport. This software is designed to assign passengers’ passwords (both by SMS and by scanning the boarding pass) and to provide secure access to resources, plus service continuity in the case of the failure of any components such as servers or network devices. This type of software is unique in the market and was created from original ideas generated by NextiraOne and Chopin Airport. It is fully adapted to the legal requirements and the needs of users.

“This wireless Internet access network at Warsaw Chopin Airport is another example of the projects our NextiraOne teams of experts regularly implement for our customers” said Marek Kobielski, Managing Director NextiraOne Poland
& Central Europe NextiraOne. “We have years of experience in the design, implementation and maintenance of modern communication systems and have undertaken many successful and prestigious projects, such as the complete ICT infrastructure with Wi-Fi wireless access points for the National Stadium. We have also created an integrated telecommunications network with Internet access and wireless Wi-Fi for the Poznan International Fair and wireless broadband networks for residents of the communities of Niepo?omice and Olkusz. With our experience, we are a reliable and trusted partner and can guarantee the reliability of the solutions we have implemented,” added
Marek Kobielski.

Using the wireless Wi-Fi at Warsaw Chopin Airport travelers can check e-mails, visit news sites or make electronic purchases. In addition, network functionality is set to be systematically expanded as new applications for
mobile devices are developed.

“In the near future it will be possible to launch new services making travel safer and easier. Travelers will be able to obtain information, such as the shortest way to the airport/terminal exit, while the airport staff will be
able to pinpoint the location of a passenger and/or his luggage, and even to communicate with passengers moving through the airport area,” said Rafa? Bielecki, Vice Director of Commercial Office, Warsaw Chopin Airport.

The easiest way to use the Wi-Fi service at Chopin airport is to obtain the login and password in one of six information kiosks located in Terminal A by scanning a boarding pass barcode or to receive an SMS after filling in the
form on a dedicated web site, which automatically responds when it connects to the Wi-Fi network.

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