Vendor Neutral Archive and Clinical Data Migration Solutions through NHS Supply Chain Framework To Be Provided by Dell

Dell the number 1 Healthcare IT services provider Worldwide1 confirmed that it is providing a vendor-neutral archive through the NHS Supply Chain Framework for Lot 4 Vendor Neutral Storage, Lot 5 Data Migration Solutions and Lot 6 Off-site Storage Hosting Solutions. This framework agreement provides NHS trusts with the ability to purchase proven VNA technology and data migration solutions from leading providers without the need for a complex tender process saving time and money.

By simplifying the purchasing process, NHS trusts will be able to more rapidly implement enterprise-class clinical content management systems, unlocking patient information held in disparate data silos. The Dell Unified Clinical Archive (UCA) solution improves interoperability between healthcare information systems and clinical applications, creating a more fluid and collaborative environment and moving valuable data to the point of patient care, allowing clinicians to make more informed decisions and diagnoses at the bedside or remotely.

Dell is also pleased to be on Lot 3 of this framework for X-ray workstations. Dell’s Precision line of workstations were designed with input from doctors and clinical researchers for highly precise, fast image processing which supports quality patient care.

The Dell UCA solution has the capability to accept clinical content from any department or proprietary information system (DICOM and non-DICOM formats), storing it securely and serving it up to healthcare providers for better collaboration on patient care, regardless of location. The solution provides XDS/XDS-I interoperability across multiple disparate systems, supports multi-hospital integration and simplifies IT administration by creating one master archive that is patient-centric. The Dell UCA solution can be deployed centrally or regionally, and gives NHS trusts future flexibility and choice in selecting technologies that support clinical and patient needs without creating “vendor lock-in”.

IT costs are also reduced through the use of Web-based clinical collaboration portals and a standards-based approach to integration with enterprise systems.

Prior to the NHS framework, the process for attaining VNA and data migration services was a complicated tender process, with each individual trust needing a lengthy investment when it came to implementing a long-term clinical data archive solution. Trust employees had to commit a significant amount of resources to evaluating and purchasing the technology. Today – through the NHS framework – it is much easier to acquire proven VNA technology and initiate clinical data migration with greater speed and more confidence.

Dell’s standards-based, metadata aware storage platform for fast, enterprise-wide clinical data access assures future IT compatibility and better patient care through simplified clinical collaboration. We are excited to invite key NHS staff to ask questions on this framework at the first of its kind NHS supply chain framework exhibition on April 23rd, 2013. The objective is to bring together key decision makers from trusts with suppliers, so mark the date in your calendar now.

Dell’s global presence in healthcare is expanding with recent UCA customer growth in the United Kingdom, Germany and South Africa. Dell has extensive experience in rolling out PACS across the London LSP cluster and working closely with the NHS supply chain besides supplying the storage infrastructure for the Wales PACS programme. Dell’s continued efforts to bring cloud-based medical image archiving to the UK highlights the company’s commitment to delivering proven, secure, flexible data management options to improve patient care around the world.

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