Update to Popular PrivacyScan Released by Apple Security Software Firm

Now available in the Mac App Store with enhanced and updated privacy cleaning features and support is the PrivacyScan 1.2, Seek and Destroy Privacy Threats on the Mac. PrivacyScan protects online and offline privacy by shredding files that can be used to track your web browsing habits and computer usage. PrivacyScan’s shred functionality is able to overwrite sensitive data up to 35 times, helping you wipe your tracks to ensure privacy!

March 25, 2013 – Las Vegas, Nevada – SecureMac announces the release of PrivacyScan 1.2, a specialized app to seek and destroy privacy threats for the Mac, now available in the Mac App Store. PrivacyScan is a utility designed for people who value privacy and want to keep their online and offline experiences to themselves. PrivacyScan has been met with critical acclaim, including being awarded Best of Show for Macworld | iWorld by Macworld UK, Editor’s Choice Award — Macworld UK, Mac Gem for Macworld GemFest 2012, a 5 Mouse Rating from Macworld UK, 5/5 Mice from Macworld AU, has top ranking in the utilities section of the Mac App Store, and continues to receive rave reviews from users.

Each time you surf the web or use your computer, bits of information are left behind; information that could compromise your privacy. PrivacyScan provides protection against these threats by scanning your Mac for files containing sensitive information and offering multiple levels of shredding to securely erase them from your system. With PrivacyScan, you can safely and securely destroy these hidden threats; saving space on your system and keeping your personal information from prying eyes.

PrivacyScan 1.2 includes expanded privacy cleaning support for Internet and desktop apps including flash cookies for the Google Chrome browser, SeaMonkey’s auto-complete typed history, and QuickTime caches and history files. This new version of PrivacyScan adds enhancements to the user interface and experience, additionally including bug fixes.

PrivacyScan works by searching for known applications which leave files on your computer that could lead to privacy risks. PrivacyScan offers support for a wide range of programs, including popular web browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Camino, Flock, iCab, OmniWeb, Opera, SeaMonkey, and Shiira, privacy threats presented by Flash Cookies, as well as standard apps such as Finder, Preview, and QuickTime. Once a scan has run its course and privacy threats have been detected, PrivacyScan offers a variety of choices for cleaning; from a standard quick delete to one of the many secure delete shredding options.

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