TSSI improves staff efficiency and patient care for Ramsay Health Care

TSSI has announced the latest phase in its implementation and roll out of a time management system for Ramsay Health Care, formerly known as Capio. Ramsay Health Care provides independent hospital services throughout the UK, with a network of 22 private clinics as well as 10 treatment centres servicing both private and NHS patients. The time management system, developed by TSSI especially for Ramsay Health Care, services 27 sites in the UK with a view to extending it to another five sites before the end of the year. Ramsay Health Care employs 5,500 staff throughout the UK, of which 3,900 are already using the system to electronically record shifts. The new system has significantly increased staff efficiency to help improve overall patient care. Hospital staff at Ramsay Health Care previously relied on a time-consuming and laborious manual timesheet process, requiring employees to sign and approve paper timesheets which then had to be manually entered into a payroll database. TSSI's new automated electronic timesheet process now enables Ramsay Health Care staff to focus even more on the task in hand and concentrate their efforts on patient care. "The many benefits of this new system are invaluable to the smooth running of our hospitals. Our employees across all sites can now record hours worked accurately and in a fraction of the time it previously took. For the first time, management and payroll can generate accurate activity reports in real-time, enabling us to define why staff absences occurred or even where training is required. Overall, being able to track staff hours electronically has resulted in better workflow and productivity as well as improving the appropriate allocation of staff resources," said Andy Gray, Regional Accountant, Ramsay Health Care. Dr Stewart Hefferman, COO, TSSI, commented: "The nature of the work carried out on behalf of Ramsay Health Care highlights our continued expertise in developing applications to improve the service delivery for Health Care providers. Ramsay used to take approximately 10 days per month to prepare a payroll for each site. It now takes approximately half of a day, the savings there are obvious." "TSSI's open work style ensures we have a lot of control over the system and its staff are always there for us when we need their help. They understand our needs by getting under the skin of our business and patiently helping us get to where we need to be," said Mark Harris, Ramsay Health Care, Data and Reporting Manager.

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