Telefónica and AirWatch Partner to Help Businesses Secure Mobile Devices

Telefónica Digital and AirWatch have announced their strategic and global partnership to offer a best-in-class service for Security Mobile Device Management (SMDM). The web-based platform not only covers all multinational and enterprise requirements for the end-to-end management of their mobile devices, but also the necessary tools to define, enforce and monitor the security policies for the use of mobile devices across the organisation.

Corporate IT departments are faced with the twin challenges of managing access to corporate data and applications through an increasing number of different technologies and mobile devices, as well as the rapid growth in ‘Bring-Your-Own-Device’ policies. This increasingly common practice poses serious security risks since most of these devices are non compliant with corporate security and support requirements from IT departments.

As a result, the focus of corporate information security is moving from traditional desk based technologies to more security vulnerable mobile devices, making security management a key challenge to be solved and creating a significant market opportunity.

Gartner estimates that by 2016, the typical organisation will spend over $300 per year per employee on mobile applications, security, management and support and that by 2017, half of employers will require employees to supply their own device for work purposes.[1]

The Telefonica-AirWatch platform incorporates an easy-to-use administrative interface that supports all relevant OSs and is also easy to scale, supporting large numbers of users across multiple areas. It incorporates advanced and powerful features to guarantee that each device is working according to the defined security policies, and offers a full and simple solution to monitor and manage in real time devices and profiles relating to access control (VPN, WIFI), Email access, Software and Content distribution and Apps management.  Furthermore, the service offers an Apps portal for the enterprise’s private use.

The service can be fully customised over the cloud or on-premise and is offered as a self-service or managed service to MNCs, corporations and the SMEs segment.

SMDM leverages Telefónica and AirWatch local operations to provide customers a service adapted to their local or global needs through the Operating Centres located in different parts of the world. Clients will also benefit from customer support in their local language.

“Businesses face significant security challenges when capturing the opportunity that mobile technology offers in terms of productivity and efficiency gains”, said Jose Perdomo, Global Security Managing Director at Telefónica Digital. “This partnership with AirWatch puts us in an excellent position to meet the needs of our clients in this area. We combine their technical expertise with our global reach, corporate customer base and relationship with device manufacturers.”

“Mobile solutions require a strong combination of market presence, industry expertise and technology leadership,” said John Marshall, president and CEO, AirWatch.  “Together, Telefonica and AirWatch provide a comprehensive security platform enabling businesses to manage and secure their most sensitive content, applications and email across all their mobile initiatives.”

SMDM Solution is already commercially available for Telefónica customers in Argentina, Spain and Czech Republic and will soon be expanded to other countries, starting with Germany, Peru and Chile.

[1]Gartner, ‘Bring Your Own Device: The Facts and the Future’ by David Willis, April 11, 2013


About Telefónica Digital

Telefónica Digital is a global business division of Telefónica. Its mission is to seize the opportunities within the digital world and deliver new growth for Telefónica through research & development, venture capital, global partnerships and digital services such as cloud computing, mobile advertising, M2M, eHealth and Security. It is also driving innovation in over the top communications under a new umbrella brand called TU and in Big Data through Telefónica Dynamic Insights.

Telefónica Digital will deliver these new products and services to Telefónica’s 316 million customers as well as entering new markets. It is headquartered in London with regional centres in Silicon Valley, Sao Paulo, Spain and Tel Aviv. Jajah, Terra, Media Networks Latin America, 48 and giffgaff are all managed under the Telefónica Digital umbrella.


About AirWatch

AirWatch is the world’s largest mobile security and enterprise mobility management provider with more than 6,000 customers and more than 1,200 global associates. The largest customer base, combined with the largest research and development team in the industry, allows AirWatch to provide the broadest functionality at the lowest cost. The AirWatch platform, featuring industry-leading mobile device management and application management, also incorporates the most secure content management solution, Secure Content Locker™.  These solutions can be used stand-alone for unique BYOD requirements or as a comprehensive, highly scalable enterprise-grade mobility platform.


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