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Businesses are still failing to respond efficiently to phishing attacks

Yesterday, Global information security consultancy MWR InfoSecurity warned  that most companies do not have efficient security processes in place to respond to phishing emails, which are often the pre-curser to specific attacks where a company can be seriously hacked. “Spear-phishing attacks against organisations are nothing new, but they are rising steeply in both frequency and […]

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opinion piece : Reliable voice recognition for authentication is at least a decade away

Banking is one of the most security-sensitive sectors there is. In March it was announced that UK bank fraud had risen by 11 per cent in 2012 with criminal gangs targeting out-of-date security systems and vulnerable online customers. Earlier this month, Barclays announced that it would introduce voice recognition software as an authentication alternative for […]

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Venafi says latest TURKTRUST CA attack is a rerun of the infamous DigiNotar incident of 2011

Commenting on reports that Google and Microsoft have started warning users about active phishing attacks against Google’s online properties, Venafi says this cybercriminal fraud is a complex one that will fool most Internet users, as well as side-stepping most of their IT security systems and placing organisations at increased risk of costly breaches and reputational […]

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