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Biometric smart card

Security improved by Biometric Cards

Zwipe CEO, Kim Humborstad explains how Biometric Cards Improve the Security and¬†Extend the Life of Proximity and Smart Card Systems, even in HID and Allegion Card-Based Solutions. Security improved by Biometric Cards More and more, security professionals using card-based front ends for their access control systems have been worried about the security of their proximity […]

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Award-winning British high technology firm has solution to growing problem of contactless card fraud

Nearly five years ago, Peratech, the innovators in touch technology, warned of the possible fraud problems of data, money and identity theft from the use of RFID for Near Field Communications (NFC) in contactless access control, passports and credit cards.¬† Known as skimming, thieves can use easily available electronics or a smartphone to read the […]

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