Suite of Security Intelligence Solutions for Network Platform Providers Unveiled by Webroot

Webroot, professionals in delivering Internet security as a service, recently confirmed the availability of Webroot® Security Intelligence for Networks Suite tailored toward network security solution providers – including next generation firewalls, unified threat management, intrusion detection and prevention, access point solutions, security information and event management solutions, and managed security service providers (MSSPs). This innovative collection of modular, easily integrated cloud-based security intelligence solutions allows network-focused partners to deliver advanced security capabilities that maximize business performance and guard their customers against rapidly evolving Internet-based threats such as phishing, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and advanced malware.

Due to the rapidly evolving nature of the threat landscape, network security companies need to consistently innovate in order to help their customers stay ahead of the latest threats. The Webroot Security Intelligence for Networks Suite, powered by the Webroot Intelligence Network (WIN), the world’s most comprehensive cloud-based security intelligence service, addresses this need and is easily leveraged via cloud-based APIs and SDKs. In addition, network partners can tap Webroot’s deep experience in machine learning, contextual data, content classification and active learning gained through its dynamic web and IP threat recognition technologies. By leveraging Webroot’s best-in-class URL classification, mobile app reputation, antimalware protection and IP reputation services, network partners can deliver security solutions from the cloud that can grow their customer bases, maximize recurring revenue streams and increase their customers’ productivity and cost-savings.

Many high-profile strategic partners are already enhancing their network security solutions with capabilities of the Webroot Security Intelligence for Networks Suite, including Corero. Corero incorporated Webroot’s IP Reputation service to provide customers of its First Line of Defense network security products with increased real-time protection against known malicious threats and unauthorised network access and DDoS attacks.

“Corero has added the Webroot Security Intelligence for Networks Suite to our existing dynamic IP protection solutions to create the industry’s most comprehensive real-time IP Reputation offering to stop attacks in their tracks, even as their launch sources are changing,” said Marty Meyer, Corero President. “Corero’s First Line of Defense network security products are a critical protection layer for businesses to reduce security vulnerabilities and mitigate risks and adding Webroot ensures our customers continue to get the most comprehensive solution available on the market.”

Key services in the Webroot Security Intelligence for Networks Suite include:

-URL Classification – Provides content classification for billions of web pages. This service helps protect enterprise customers against Internet threats from all websites using 83+ key security categories by providing improved visibility of Internet usage. The service can also lead to better employee productivity, reduced IT and bandwidth resource.

-URL Reputation – Just as a credit score predicts the risk of loans or investments, a reputation score forecasts the security risk of visiting a website.

-Mobile App Reputation – Highly sophisticated and comprehensive mobile application reputation database, which has analysed and categorised more than 2.5 million mobile applications across the Android and iOS platforms to identify and help block potentially harmful apps.

-IP Reputation – Analyzes IP threats and publishes a dynamic data set of high-risk IP addresses, providing intelligence on malicious IPs and insight into inbound and outbound communication.

-Antimalware Protection – Provides the most advanced real-time protection available against both known and unknown malware.

-Real-time Phishing Protection – Developed specifically to catch advanced phishing attacks that can expose an organisation to security breaches and data loss.

“Webroot’s industry-leading security intelligence solutions enable network security providers to benefit from the true cost and efficiency advantages of compact, easily implemented cloud services,” said Mark Hanson, Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Webroot. “The Webroot Security Intelligence for Networks Suite, as demonstrated by market-leading network solution providers, Corero, enables enterprises to stay ahead of quickly evolving Internet threats and get the most value from their network platform investments.”

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