SALTO XS4 Keypad escutcheon with PIN control



The versatile XS4 Keypad escutcheon from SALTO Systems is designed to provide increased  protection and control for doors where extra security may be required.

Available in both wire free and wireless versions, the new product offers users a choice of multiple security authentication methods to control access including proximity card, combined use of a PIN code + proximity card or a separate keypad code. Users can have up to an 8-digit PIN Code.

XS4 Keypad can be operated in 3 modes: proximity card only, Pin (Personal Identification Number) code + proximity card or keypad code only. With standard proximity card mode the lock is locked at all times until opened with the users proximity card that has access rights to the room.

When using PIN code + card mode each user has their own personal code. Typically this might be used in student dorms, where extra security and dual authentication (presenting both a card and typing in the PIN code) are needed.

The  XS4 Keypad escutcheon from SALTO Systems is available for use with a wide range of mainstream. RFID technologies including: HID iClass, DESfire, DESfire EV1, Mifare, Mifare plus and Mifare Ultralight C.


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