Raspberry Pi DDoS attack – comment from Arbor Networks

Raspberry Pi, the educational technology charity, has reported via its Twitter feed that it has been victim to a DDoS attack. The organisation actively tweeted accounts of the attack as it was happening.

In response to the news, Jeremy Nicholls, Arbor Networks channel director for EMEA comments:  “It’s sad to see the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a charity with a good cause at its heart, has been the focus of a vicious attack. This stunt goes to highlight the unfortunate fact that any organisation, of any size and nature, is vulnerable. Every company that relies on internet availability to do business should be seeking to invest in prevention against DDoS attacks as well as implementing a mitigation strategy should the worst happen. The explosion of inexpensive and readily-accessible attack tools is enabling almost anybody to carry out DDoS attacks.

“The question is: why? Arbor’s 2013 Worldwide Infrastructure Report revealed that ideological hackitivism is perceived as the most common motivation behind DDoS attacks: 33% reported political and ideological disputes as motivation behind DDoS attacks. The next two motivating factors were online gaming and vandalism.”


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