PPG products pass “type tests” at the German TÜV

Perimeter Protection Group announces that the new EntraQuick QFG II and the new control board We-Tronic II have both recently passed the “type tests” at the German TÜV.

The EntraQuick QFG II, advancement of the QFG I, gives us more flexibility to deal with the different conditions and requirements. Due to the reinforced frame construction profiles and the much larger interpretation of the pivot bearing posts, opening widths up to 8 m in combination with a gate leaf height of 3m can now be realized.

The new We-Tronic II replaces six (!) control boards with only one, according to the motto: “One for all!” PPG has always kept the focus on continuous research and development. They have managed to develop the standard features of the We-Tronic I and equip it with new and improved features.

– In some options the new control board will be even cost effective, as some previous special functions have been incorporated into the standard. That means no extra cost and even optional price advantages for customers, says Stephan Stephani, General Sales Manager Germany.

But that’s not all. Another innovation is the optional Perimeter Protection App-software. The App allows operation using the full functionality of the new automatic control board using a smartphone. According to the motto “One for all!”, the innovative app is designed to communicate with each product so that every product that comes with the WE-Tronic II can be operated using only one universal platform.

Thanks to the new App function, in addition to standard control/interface functions, the EntraQuick Quick Folding Gate position status is available & it is now very easy to determine immediately whether a security element action (breach) has been triggered or confirmation of the current state of the gate. With the comprehensive diagnostic function all relevant data can easily be seen, potential weaknesses can be identified and error causes can be defined. Even the settings via PC or even via SD card are easy and user friendly to handle. Further programming via function keys is possible. Additional functions can easily be switched on or off via SD card.

– In future the We-Tronic II will be applicable for Perimeter Protection Groups entire portfolio, says Uwe Lagers, Product Manager Access, PPG. Currently the QFGs are being retooled, followed by the sliding gate range

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