Organisations could save $100 per end user with Liaison Technologies’ Protect Key Manager Solution

Liaison Technologies announce the release of Protect Key Manager 3.0, a comprehensive data security solution for enterprise certificate management

Liaison Technologies, a global provider of secure cloud-based integration and data management services and solutions, today announced the 3.0 release of Protect Key Manager data security solution. Built on the OASIS Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP), Liaison’s Protect Key Manager offers businesses a comprehensive solution for enterprise certificate management. New features include quorum-based administration as a mechanism for enforcing reliable and secure key management, and built-in back-up for keys in the event of disaster. Key Manager is part of Liaison’s award-winning suite of enterprise data security solutions.

According to the Aberdeen Group, organisations with encryption initiatives involving enterprise key management achieved an annual cost savings of nearly $100 (approximately £66) per end-user compared to those that had no key management capabilities. The same report found that key management systems significantly improved an organisation’s ability to support encryption in greater diversity and at a higher scale.

Liaison’s new Key Manager provides comprehensive security and threat mitigation and greater cost savings based on a streamlined enterprise key management system. Support for OASIS KMIP significantly improves client interoperability and configuration usability, enabling Liaison customers to utilise Key Manager from nonproprietary clients while consolidating their key management initiatives into a single enterprise system.

Key Manager also includes a host of new features designed to ensure compliance across diverse industries, including:


  • Key Life Cycle adheres to the standards issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technologies.
  • Quorum-based administration reduces corporate risk associated with malicious administrators and satisfies the Payment Card Industry’s compliance requirement 3.6.6 for stored data protection.
  • OS Level Master Key and CFX security model for Key Manager web services.
  • Proprietary two factor authentication and support for hybrid user authentication.

“The inspiration for Key Manager 3.0 came directly from customers, and is a testament to the value they are getting from this component of our data security suite,” said Robert Fox,

Liaison Technologies’ senior director of software development. “Trying to comply with a wide array of regulatory requirements and protecting highly sensitive information can be a daunting task. Our decision to adopt OASIS KMIP for Key Manager demonstrates Liaison’s commitment to providing the most flexible, scalable, and agnostic key management solution based on the latest industry standards.”

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*The full Aberdeen Group report, titled KMIP, KMIP, Hooray! The Value of Standards for Enterprise Encryption Key Management, published July 27, 2012, by Derek Brink, is available here.

More about Liaison Protect

Liaison ProtectTM is the industry’s first data security software to combine Format Preserving TokenisationTM with strong local encryption and centralised encryption key management—all in one platform-independent package. An excellent companion to strong perimeter and firewall protection, Liaison Protect is a complete software solution designed to effectively manage the competing objectives of access and security.

About Liaison

Liaison Technologies is a global integration, data management and data security company. It provides unique and high-value services to move, transform and manage business information in the cloud, and to protect data to help organisations master complex security challenges and meet compliance mandates. With a comprehensive array of business-to-business and application-to-application integration and data transformation services, as well as on-premise and cloud-based data security solutions, Liaison’s practitioners implement data management infrastructures adapted to each client’s specific business requirements. Headquartered in Atlanta, Liaison has offices in the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit

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