ONVIF Profile S certification Press Release Achieved by Wavestore

Wavestore’s VMS (video management software) has been successfully tested against the ONVIF Profile S video streaming standard.

Profile S describes the common functionalities shared by ONVIF conformant video management systems and devices that send, configure, request or control the streaming of media data over an IP network, and includes specific features such as PTZ control, audio streaming and relay outputs.

In order to achieve Profile S certification, Wavestore’s VMS had to be tested with cameras from five different manufacturers. “We are in fact able to support cameras from a far greater number of manufacturers,” said Chris Williams, Director of Wavestore. “The open architecture of our Linux based VMS allows us to very quickly integrate protocols to enable interaction with virtually any analogue or IP network cameras, including megapixel, HD, HDcctv and 360 degree models as and when projects dictate,

ONVIF is an open industry forum for the development of a global standard for the interface of IP-based physical security products. Founded in 2008, the forum has more than 430 members, representing the majority of the world’s largest manufacturers of network video equipment.

“Wavestore is a member of ONVIF and we fully support its objectives. The introduction of the Profile S standard has been an important step as it means that consultants, system integrators and installers can be confident that any product on the certified list will integrate harmoniously, and will not present any configuration challenges,” said Chris Williams.

Available as a fully assembled server or to OEMs and system integrators as a VMS, Wavestore is a robust, flexible and scalable recording and video management solution with a proven track record of reliable performance in high integrity security and surveillance applications.

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