New Connected Services in Home Automation

Monitorlinq and Somfy partner to offer new connected Services in Home Automation, Personal Safety and Tele-Care

New Connected Services in Home Automation, Personal Safety and Tele-Care

monitorlinq has just announced a strategic partnership with Somfy, expert designer of home automation solutions, to offer innovative new connected home solutions. 

Through the partnership, monitorlinq will enhance the Somfy TaHoma home automation system with its Enterprise-grade platform, adding services and alarms management.

This new Somfy offering, powered by monitorlinq, makes available a complete suite of solutions to satisfy the needs and expectations of consumers in home safety and wellbeing. A whole host of services are accessible from many devices, to simplify everyday life, improve personal safety, monitor family health and help elderly people live autonomously for a longer time in their homes.

All domestic equipment controlled by the TaHoma system, including critical energy-management devices; as well as devices connected to the monitorlinq service platform, such as activity trackers, personal alarms, weighing scales and blood pressure monitors; are converged to be a part of the new solution.

This convergence allows enhanced intelligence in managing the wellbeing of family members and elderly people. User possibilities include, for example:

  • Monitor an elderly person who wakes up in the night and wanders lost inside their home
  • Remotely monitor the correct administration of medication
  • Receive an alert when a child has not returned from school as normal
  • Remotely allow home access for an authorised care person

Powered by monitorlinq, the new TaHoma interface is intuitive and simple to use, offering modules dedicated to home comfort, personal wellbeing, safety and healthcare.

The monitorlinq platform allows several levels of connectivity for professional services offering immediate options to dispatch critical alarms to security or tele-care experts.

Its added value is to enable an authorised network to support and help thanks to intuitive permissions management given to a close environment such as family, neighbours and friends.

The converged Somfy and monitorlinq solution is a turn-key solution ready for integration with mobile network operators and insurance providers, as well as professional alarm and care centres encompassing security, intrusion, and telecare.

monitorlinq statement:

Jean David Miquel, CMO of monitorlinq comments:

Our co-operation with Somfy has been a real joint approach from the start and we are delighted to formalize this partnership. With the know-how of Somfy, a leader in home automation, and our background in managing connected services, especially in the dispatch of critical alerting towards professional help, we believe that this strategic alliance will improve the lives of people in their homes, in particular the elderly.

Somfy statement:

Emmanuel Joumard, Home Automation Director of Somfy:

       Our partnership with monitorlinq is a natural fit and we are pleased with the opportunity to bring together our expertise. This integration enables Somfy to offer a turn-key system of products and services, which are unique and innovative that will revolutionise the quality of life for the consumer and their close family network.

About monitorlinq

monitorlinq is an innovative start-up company offering on a SaaS basis its Enterprise grade platform converging services dedicated to home, as well as the safety and health of the consumers. The monitorlinq platform is turn-key prepared for integration to services in partnership with Mobile Network Operators as well as Insurance Providers. By cooperating actively with a growing number of leading manufacturers of connected devices, as well as with professional safety and care companies, monitorlinq proposes extremely reliable and cutting edge technology solutions which innovates by the intelligent converged management of connected objects, information, services and related critical alarm dispatch.

About Somfy

Somfy develops and markets since over 40 years home automation products related to the opening and closing of shutters and gates in houses and buildings. These solution help improving the life environment of consumers by responding to their needs related to comfort, security, and energy saving. Somfy motors and home automation controls are used in house, offices, shops and public buildings, and enable constantly new solutions for daily life. Somfy is world leader with a turnover of around one billion Euros, a local presence in 60 countries, and 8400 staff members. Somfy is also leading the domotic world with over 300 000 connected solutions.


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