London Conference : Tackling Kidnapping Hijack & Hostage Taking Conference

22-23 May 2013, Holiday Inn – Regent’s Park, London

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Crisis events such as kidnap for ransom, hostage taking and hijack continue to pose a threat to global commerce and industry, NGOs and other organisations or individuals who travel around the world.

Pirate attacks on oil tankers and other ships cost the world economy billions of pounds a year. Likewise, multinational companies operating in high risk areas are becoming targets for criminals, creating security risk to both personnel and the company infrastructure. Companies are under increasing pressure to ensure the personal safety of employees and contractors travelling or working abroad. Kidnapping for ransom is a significant form of terrorist financing with the size of ransom demands and payments on the increase. This persistent and ever changing threat is evolving beyond ransom demands to extorting substantial annual payments from companies in the form of protection money.

Chaired by Andrew Kain, Founding Chairman, AKE Ltd., Quaynote’s 4th annual ‘Tackling Kidnapping, Hostage Taking and Hijacking’conference aims to update delegates on this persistent and ever-changing threat by highlighting the current hotspots, both those publicized and lesser known and discussing how the threat of kidnapping and hijack is evolving in those areas where employees could be most at risk. The conference will identify and assess those criminal gangs and terrorist groups who are operating in each of the hot spots and to demonstrate how effective crisis management strategies and risk assessment can be used to mitigate the effects of these events.


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