London Conference : Cargo Crime, Tackling theft of cargo in transit

10-11 September 2013, Central London

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As the economic crisis and a high global unemployment rate add more people to criminal gang networks, it seems inevitable that cargo theft will rise.

Despite companies having a more vigilant and efficient approach to loss prevention, organised cargo theft groups, largely driven by black market demand, are not slowing down but instead adapting to our security procedures and proving more organised than we gave them credit for. Adding to the problem is the increased integration of our transport modes which have given rise to new security risks.

In a global economy which adopts ‘just in time’ business models, even small interruptions to the supply chain can cause substantial schedule disruptions and have significant cost impacts. As a slow economic recovery drags down profits many companies are faced

with imposing cost reduction initiatives within security as their profit margins are squeezed ever tighter. But at what price?

Increased thefts of consumer goods have a negative impact on a company’s brand, reputation and financial performance. They also influence the company’s perception in the eyes of the public, as well as current and potential customers. Moreover, they add to creating a black/grey market in which companies compete against their own brands with the money laundered by gangs funding further criminal activity.

By safeguarding your employees, your assets and your customers, you are protecting your business, financial and reputational risks.

By attending this conference, delegates will be able to hear the latest advice on risks posed to their cargo in transit, learn about the latest crime trends and scams employed by thieves and hear direct from other companies as to how they are securing their businesses.

The conference will provide an excellent opportunity to network with peers, swap ideas and best practice and meet face to face some of the organisations who are offering solutions in this area.

Who should attend?

Anyone who is involved in road haulage, supply chain risk management and transportation, brand management, logistics, security and operations will find the event especially useful, as will those directly involved in the shipping and transportation of cargo.


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