IP camera that provides superior full HD images under any conditions showcased by D-Link

D-Link has launched an outdoor surveillance camera that balances varying light conditions, to enhance the quality of information discernible from footage, as well as security. The DCS-7513 HD camera uses a combination of a Precision-Iris (P-Iris) lens and wide dynamic range (WDR) technology to enhance light and reduce silhouette or ‘wash-out’ effects. This automated image enhancement overcomes the difficulties of recording activity in areas with a large depth of field – e.g. long corridors or car parks – and well as areas with multiple windows or uneven light.

Andrew Mulholland, Business Solutions Manager at D-Link UK & Ireland, said: “IP Surveillance is essential for a range of businesses, but not all premises and surrounding conditions are the same. Our latest WDR camera gives businesses, including showrooms, hotels and leisure centres, a surveillance solution designed for their specific environments. The DCS-7513 brings the latest technology features to businesses of any size, in a way that can be easily deployed, integrated and managed.”

The P-Iris technology is key to the capture of superior image quality, clarity and depth of field. Sensors within the cameras constantly monitor light conditions and motors within the camera adjust the size of the lens accordingly.

The DCS-7513 is able to record 24-hours per day with a range of up to 30 metres in complete darkness. The Infra-red (IR) filters adapt maximise available light and then IR LEDs illuminate the area under surveillance when it’s dark.

As with all of the cameras in the D-Link range, the DCS-7513 is IP-based, which allows businesses to quickly install and easily manage it as part of a video surveillance network. Any authorised personnel can easily view camera feeds from any location in real-time, via mobile devices.

The D-Link IP Surveillance Suite includes a wide range of cameras, network video recorders (NVRs) and video management software (VMS) to help companies coordinate streams from multiple units.

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