IFSEC : TOSIBOX to launch the world’s first plug-and-play device

TOSIBOX has developed and patented a new solution that revolutionises how a remote connection is made, and now for the first time, it is made by the users themselves.

The device, called TOSIBOX, which comprises of a Lock and Key, is the world´s first plug-and-play remote access device, easily deployed and with no dependency on operators or monthly fees.

The connection process is fully automatic, secure and takes only five minutes to set up. With the help of the TOSIBOX Lock and Key, any office network device such as access control, surveillance cameras and servers can be controlled securely from home or remote office.

Furthermore, geographically separated devices within real-estate and industry can communicate with each other without the need for computer-based operating systems.

The most important aspect of the device is its unparalleled security.

Finnish ICT company TOSIBOX Ltd is now entering the UK market. TOSIBOX is at the moment looking for retailers in the UK.

TOSIBOX launches UK market at IFSEC Birmingham 13-16 May.

Welcome to explore the revolutionary product in our stand 5/J123.

TOSIBOX Product Launch at NEC Piazza meeting room no. 2 on Wednesday 15 May from 9 am till 1 pm.

The schedule:

TOSIBOX Press Information at 9

TOSIBOX Product Launch at 10

TOSIBOX Distributors Business Opportunity at 11

TOSIBOX Hands-on Training at 12

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