Human Recognition Systems deploy MTrust(tm) mobile biometric identification for UKBA Tier 4 compliance

Human Recognition Systems has successfully deployed its identity registration platform, MTrust™, for a new customer in the education sector to help ensure compliance with the UK Border Agency’s (UKBA) Tier 4 regulations for international student sponsorship.

Leveraging rugged, handheld touchscreen devices with an integrated fingerprint reader, MTrust™ is the first solution of its kind to offer a truly mobile enrolment and identification capability; ideal for the classroom environment to capture student attendance information during teaching sessions and to alert operators of unauthorised non-attendance information required for UKBA compliance.

Biometric technology is used to accurately identify individuals in attendance in real-time, removing the need for manual, paper-based registers which are prone to error and often require additional administration after the teaching session has ended. The fingerprint data captured during enrolment is used solely for the purpose of registering an identity within the MTrust™ platform and is not shared with any external systems.

MTrust™ provides a versatile identity registration, management and assurance solution to those applications where the cost of failing to properly manage identity is significant. Within the education sector failure to monitor the attendance of Tier 4 students can result in substantial financial penalties in addition to the risk of the institution having their sponsorship licence for international students revoked, such as the recent revocation of Highly Trusted status at London Metropolitan University. MTrust™ not only helps ensure compliance with UKBA regulations, it also develops student engagement, providing benefits such as improved student performance, experience and retention.

Providing a streamlined biometric identity registration and workflow platform, MTrust™ ensures that each individual registers their identity according to the Identity Policy set out by the organisation. MTrust™ is therefore suited to a multitude of business applications in addition to the education sector, including tackling fraud in government identification programmes such as benefits issuance.


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