European channel program to help businesses counteract growing tide of advanced malware launched by Malwarebytes

US-based anti-malware provider Malwarebytes recently announced the launch of its European reseller program. The company is seeking to increase its presence in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain by partnering with key resellers in each market to provide its recently launched enterprise anti-malware solution to businesses of all sizes.

To support the push, Malwarebytes has also undertaken a recruitment drive across the continent to provide its rapidly growing corporate customer base with additional sales, marketing, customer service and technical support resources. The company is looking to sign-up resellers of all sizes using a tailored program of incentives.

UK-based Computerworld Business Solutions is the first reseller to be appointed by the software firm and will focus on driving sales of the enterprise solution to small and medium-sized businesses. This includes public sector organisations, charities and the leisure industry, amongst other verticals.

Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition, which launched in September 2012, uses an advanced automated detection engine allowing it to detect and block highly intelligent malware threats. A combination of heuristics, behavioural and signature analysis identifies and stops criminal software which other vendors simply cannot detect. The numbers and variations of this type of threat are growing at an alarming rate, with nearly 1 million threats detected in the UK every month alone.

The drive will be spearheaded by EMEA Managing Director Fernando Francisco, who said: “Europe is a fast growing market for us, with a third of our consumer users on the continent. This, combined with the recent launch of our Enterprise edition, means it is a natural next step to build our channel presence throughout the continent.

“As malicious threat numbers rise, we will continue to build upon our operations to help consumers and businesses fight malware. Cybercriminals typically move much faster than businesses developing new exploits that take advantage of flaws in existing enterprise protection. Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition was designed to stop the zero-day and polymorphic threats missed by most other antivirus vendors, providing an important security layer that is effectively protecting today’s European organisations.”

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