Data privacy concerns with the launch of Kameleon 4.0 Addressed By Mastek

Mastek, the global IT solutions provider, has confirmed the release of version 4.0 of Kameleon, its ground-breaking pseudonymisation tool designed to address organisations’ data privacy concerns by replacing recognisable information with artificial identifiers. Kameleon version 4.0 takes into account feedback from its health sector and financial services clients, and includes new capabilities designed to protect identifiable data from breaches and loss whilst ensuring that information can be shared securely.

In this major release, Kameleon is able to replace information such as names, dates of birth, and addresses with meaningful values that maintain the demographic integrity of the information, but remove the original identity of the person or organisation so that data can be shared in compliance with the latest regulations. This revolutionary function ensures the complete safety of personal data whilst enabling cloud-based processing, and third party data sharing, without changing the underlying applications and databases. Unlike encryption, where access to the key opens the full data, with Kameleon’s pseudonymisation capability, there is no key, therefore information is completely safe.

Barry Yard, UK managing director, Mastek UK said – ‘The increasing number of data security breaches highlights the need for tighter controls and greater protection over private information. As a result, any organisation that handles personal data needs to have an effective strategy in place to meet relevant legal requirements whilst ensuring that the growing amount of data can still be used to deliver benefits back to the business. Kameleon provides a unique opportunity for any organisation concerned about regulatory fines, and the massive reputational damage of a data loss to safely share information outside the organisation without risk.’

Steve Latchem, senior vice president, global solutions said – ‘In this latest release of Kameleon, we listened to feedback from our current customers and their experience in using the product to protect their sensitive information. As data is regularly shared across organisations, international boundaries, and sometimes unpredictably in the cloud, encryption as a solution has failed. With release 4.0, we have a solution that enables an organisation to share information, without changing their applications or data structures, in complete safety.’


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