Corps Security pioneers new approach to personal safety with CorpsGuard smartphone app

Corps Security, the UK’s leading specialist security solutions provider, has partnered with PanicGuard, a leader in mobile personal safety, in order to launch CorpsGuard – a next generation smartphone app that provides enhanced levels of personal safety through a variety of intuitive features. The new app can be used on Apple iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices and offers an easy to use but highly effective way to protect lone workers.

CorpsGuard is activated by simply shaking or tapping the smartphone. This immediately sends SMS, email, Facebook and Twitter messages, along with an alert page, to designated emergency contacts – which can also include the Corps Monitoring Centre (CMC) – detailing an exact GPS location.

The alert page has a tracking data facility that displays a Google map of the user’s location, which is updated every 15 seconds so that emergency contacts can follow movements both before and after an incident. Once the CMC receives the alert, its personnel will review the data to verify it and attempt to contact the user to establish their situation. If there is no answer, or the evidence suggests a threat to life, local police will be informed.


The CorpsGuard App

‘The three things that a person is likely to have on them at any one time are money, keys and their phone,’ explained Eric Roberts, Corps Security’s CMC business development director. ‘CorpsGuard’s innovative features allow a range of measures to be initiated to attract immediate attention and make sure that appropriate people are notified in the event of an incident.’


After the initial notification is sent simply shaking or tapping the phone again activates an audible alarm alongside a flashing strobe. If this fails to ward off an attacker, the device has already initiated automatic recording of video clips that can be used to identify the assailant and this can be used in a court of law. The audiovisual recording is uploaded automatically to the user’s account via the cloud, so even if the attacker steals or damages the phone, the evidence is still accessible.

Personnel working in a wide variety of industries – from transport and finance to local councils and healthcare – can take advantage of CorpsGuard. The ability to turn a phone into a safety device also negates the purchase and use of traditional personal alarm systems, which makes it highly cost effective.

Users can log into the CorpsGuard website to manage their accounts, update their profiles and and view all of their alerts. They can also diarise their activities so that colleagues, family and friends can find out where they will be at any given time. For example, an estate agent that is due to show a potential purchaser around a house can arrange for a notification to be sent after the meeting is due to finish. If the alarm time needs to be extended a simple push of a button can postpone it in 15-minute intervals.

CorpsGuard can also be used in conjunction with the CMC to provide a 24/7 remote monitoring service. Based in Glasgow the CMC has attained National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Gold accreditation and it is also BS 8484 compliant, which ensures that its lone worker device service meets all appropriate standards.

Corps Security’s Eric Roberts, concluded, ‘CorpsGuard represents a step-change in personal safety provision and, with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and remote working both commonplace, it makes perfect sense to utilise mobile phone technology. Combining this app with the services offered by the CMC ensures that the potential for keeping people safe is fully maximised.’

CorpsGuard will be available through Corps Security’s network of installation partners.



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