Comment from Stonesoft- 50% of security professionals believe their organisation is a target for state-sponsored cyber-attacks

According to the news, 48% of respondents say China has the most advanced capabilities for state-sponsored cyber attacks, while 33% believe the U.S. has the most advanced capabilities. Jarno Limnéll , director of cyber-security at Stonesoft and doctor in military science, in response to the news that 50% of information security professionals believe their organisation is a target for state-sponsored cyber-attacks, comments saying: “It’s pretty certain that in the next couple of years we will face a massive cyber-attack or incident causing catastrophic damage to industry and illustrating the potential of today’s cyber threats. Businesses are just beginning to realise how vulnerable they are in a digitalised world, and what kind of strategic cyber solutions are needed.

“Cyber-attacks know no boundaries and all nation-states are spying on each other. The chief candidates for catastrophe are shifting away from military targets to global financial markets and critical infrastructure systems, which are often operated privately.

“Today, with a huge portion of wealth generated through intellectual property, rival nation states need only attack products from a company’s computer system located in another area of the world to cripple a nation. Erasing a bank’s records, for example, could easily impoverish a country. Governments across the world should look to work collaboratively with businesses to ensure mitigation against cyber-attacks directed towards company assets are emplaced. At the same time businesses need to also begin to realise the opportunities the digital world is presenting them and how these can be taken advantage of whilst balancing the threats.”

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