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Biometric smart card

Security improved by Biometric Cards

Zwipe CEO, Kim Humborstad explains how Biometric Cards Improve the Security and Extend the Life of Proximity and Smart Card Systems, even in HID and Allegion Card-Based Solutions. Security improved by Biometric Cards More and more, security professionals using card-based front ends for their access control systems have been worried about the security of their proximity […]

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Alert Logic Comments New UK Government Security Classifications

UK government has introduced a new, simpler security classification system for its data, Stephen Coty, chief security evangelist for Alert Logic, comments are as follows : “Data Classification is something that every company should be practicing, not just the government. It is the act of placing data into categories that will determine the level of […]

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$50bn Cost Saving Vision of the Future presented by Secure Identity Alliance

Secure Identity Alliance Presents a new report identifying the social and economic value of eServices up to 2020. On 19th & 20th March 2014 at the Connect:ID conference in Washington and the Cartes Asia conference in Hong Kong, the Secure Identity Alliance will identify the $50 bn savings opportunity government are set to enjoy through […]

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IFSEC International Serves the Whole Security buying Chain

IFSEC International moved to ExCel London from 17-19 June 2014 and provides a solid platform for a buoyant market. IFSEC International, organised by UBM Live, continues to thrive as the only destination to serve the whole security buying chain, which has been solidified by its move to ExCeL London from 17-19 June. Taking place at its […]

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Homeland security : Europe to Ease Restrictions on Liquids in Carry-on Baggage, IHS Research Note

Jared Bickenbach, analyst for access control, fire and security at IHS Inc. has released a note on liquids in carry-on baggage. The amount of liquids allowed in carry-on baggage has been restricted to 100ml per passenger since the 2006 terrorist plot to detonate liquid explosives on aircraft bound for the United States. Efforts to ease […]

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London Borough installs extensive Hikvision CCTV Solution

It is estimated today that there is one camera for every 32 people in the UK; England has the  most intensive CCTV system in the world. The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham in West London contributes to the result as it is the largest “town center” CCTV scheme on the entire country. This Hammersmith […]

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According to FireEye Inc, Chinese hackers spied on Europeans before G20 meeting

Reuters : According to research by computer security firm FireEye Inc., Chinese hackers spied on the computers of five European foreign ministries before G20 meeting last September, which was dominated by the Syrian crisis. The hackers infiltrated the ministries’ computer networks by sending emails to staff containing tainted files with titles such as “US_military_options_in_Syria,” said FireEye, […]

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Raytec Lighting helps Military in Fight against Terror

A UK military site has chosen Raytec VARIO White-Light LED illuminators as part of a high security, anti-terrorism operation, concerning 24/7 vehicle inspection. To maintain the highest level of security at all times the military site must inspect all vehicles entering and leaving the site. Security staff are required to check all vehicles within a […]

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DuPont Protection Technologies launches the Next Generation of Innovations with DuPont™ Kevlar®

DuPont Protection Technologies, maker of the famous and original DuPont™ Kevlar® fibre, is responding to customer needs and is confirming its position as a leader in body armour protection solutions with the launch of two new products at Milipol Paris, 19-22 November 2013. Drawing on analysis from its extensive relationship with global customers, the next […]

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